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New Work underway and Winter Sale!

Winter is certainly here, we were lucky with the weekend for the Waiheke Winter Arts Festival, have a read from Chris Preston’s blog – thanks Chris! I get to see what some of the other studios are like via your pics! Jump over to the blog here: Chris’s Blog about the Festival

Now I’m busy getting underway with three new works, hard to stay inside when it’s so gorgeous out there like it was last Tuesday. These works are for The Gallery Staff and Volunteers exhibition coming up later in July – fun!  Check out the latest  at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery

Also, Winter sale! remaining prints and smaller works available, need to make room in the studio and they need homes! 🙂

Check out the facebook page for the latest. Jump over from the link below. have a great week everyone!

Winter in the studio and up the hill!

Waiheke Winter Arts Festival 2015 – what a great weekend!

Thanks so much to everyone who adventured up the hill to see us over the weekend. It was great to meet so many new people from the island and from far and wide. All up we had over 90 visitors during the weekend! Huge thanks to Roberto Sarlo who treated us to his beautiful music on Sunday morning, and then spontaneous jams with Raul Sarrot and those who couldn’t resist having a go on the drums ( I couldn’t find my proper jazz sticks so we just used paint brushes – they worked a treat! )

And what a magic way to finish the weekend with a visit from Jane and Kevin with their two curious daughters fascinated by the night sky, stars, the sun, astronauts and space in general. We’ll be working on getting some kid friendly ‘astronomy appreciation’ programmes established up there, the winter is such a special time to do some star gazing, so much to see. Thanks Jane and Kevin – a very special way to finish a fabulous weekend!

Brilliant to share the house again with Sarah Morrison, Paula Richa and this year, Lyndsay Meager joining us a wide variety of work for people to enjoy. Check out Trig Hill Base Camp’s Facebook page here for images and news about the festival  Trig Hill Base Camp and at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery here: Waiheke Community Art Gallery FB Page

Right, had better get going – working on three new regional paintings, (Rakino, Matiatia Harbour and  Moa Point) will post some images soon!

Have a great week everyone!

Paula Richa, Kim Wesney and Sarah Morrison: Waiheke Winter Arts Festival 2015 at Trig Hill Base Camp
Paula Richa, Kim Wesney and Sarah Morrison: Waiheke Winter Arts Festival 2015 at Trig Hill Base Camp