Monthly Archives: November 2018

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer!

We’ve been pretty busy! we’ll be taking a break leading up to Xmas. Exciting news though, keep an eye out for more opening hours and events coming up this summer. Check out Trig Hill Base Camp for details as well.

We have a new smaller gallery space available, still needs a bit of work but just so you know and please feel free to contact me if you are interested in booking it. We will post some images and information soon but check it out here from the Waiheke Winter Arts Festival earlier this year.

Also the Waiheke Intrepid Explorers Association series is now available as fun postcards. Available at the studio and at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery. Here’s the Solar Observation Quadrant Group Expedition image…1964..yeah right..!

Actually the story behind this image is interesting, woke very early one morning to this loud weird sound, raced upstairs to see this balloon outside the window!  “Hello there!” we yelled as the balloon pilot waved and the fired up the ballooony furnacy thingys 🙂  We ran out of the house and followed his progress until he drifted away somewhere down the back end, no idea where he landed and we were still in our PJ’s!

The other expeditions in this series.

The Submariner Exploration of the Greater Waiheke Trench May 1994

Aquifer Mapping Party May 1962

Botanical Safari Domestic Escape Audit January 1989! ….and yes they all have stories…and there are many more expeditions to document!  #imagine ‘oh the places we’ll  go!’

Check in soon and have a fantastic and well earned break over the holiday season everyone!

cheers, Kim